Single Missing Tooth

Replace a single tooth

Implant-supported single crown

A missing tooth can affect the way you eat, speak, look and feel.

It might be that you’ve suffered trauma, infection, a root fracture or a failed filling. Maybe your crowns keep falling out or you’ve been missing a tooth from birth. Whatever the cause, a dental gap can be a source of distress and discomfort.

Our implant-supported single crown looks and feels just like a natural tooth. It’s fairly straightforward to insert and causes zero damage to the adjacent teeth, preventing lateral movement among surrounding teeth, over-eruption of the opposite tooth, and resorption shrinkage of the underlying bone. And with conventional oral hygiene and dental care it boasts a 98% long-term success rate.

Alternative routes
Instead of an implant-supported tooth, you could opt for a conventional bridge. However, this solution can compromise the health of adjacent teeth, cause gum-bone shrinkage and place additional stress on supporting teeth during chewing.

You could also leave a gap. But gaps can be unsightly and often affect eating, speech and confidence. What’s more, over time the bone and gum will shrink, while the positions of adjacent and opposing teeth can shift, causing a whole host of other problems.

treatment Photographs – Single Anterior Implants

Single Anterior Implant 1

Single Anterior Implant 2

Single Anterior Implant 3

Single Anterior Implant 4

Single Anterior Implant 5

Single Anterior Implant 6

Single Anterior Implant 7

Single Anterior Implant 9

Single Anterior Implant 11

treatment Photographs – Single Posterior Implants

Single Posterior Implant 1

Single Posterior Implant 2

Single Posterior Implant 3

Single Posterior Implant 4

Single Posterior Implant 5

Single Posterior Implant 6

Single Posterior Implant 7

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