All teeth missing

Implant-supported complete arch bridge (fixed or removable)

Loose, uncomfortable or ill-fitting conventional complete dentures can make life very difficult. Unable to chew properly or eat certain foods, you may struggle to speak clearly or smile confidently. You may also find that food gets stuck under your denture plate, or that the plate itself triggers your gag reflex.

Whatever trouble you’re experiencing with your dentures, our implant-supported complete arch bridge (fixed or removable) looks and functions just like natural teeth, providing the support and stability you need without applying any pressure to your gums.

There are three principal complete arch options:
Acrylic removable bridge supported by 4-6 Atlantis SynCone implants or Atlantis Isus titanium bar:

  • Combines the security of permanent fixing with the convenience of removable dentures
  • Provides a solid foundation for natural chewing function; also easily removable for cleaning
  • Uses the same bridge material as conventional dentures
  • Can be fitted by your general dentists once implants are in place
  • Horseshoe coverage around gum rather than covering palate

Implanted-supported, permanently-fixed bridge:

  • Only removable by a dentist for cleaning or extraction of trapped oral debris
  • The most expensive option for patients with no teeth
  • Teeth/gum can be made in porcelain, composite or acrylic. Each have pros and cons and varying costs.

Acrylic removable denture supported by 2-4 locator abutments or titanium bar:

  • Easily removable for cleaning
  • Causes some movement during chewing due to necessary slack in clips

Alternative routes:

You could also choose to continue with complete conventional dentures. This option would be slightly cheaper initially, but over time could prove costly. Indeed, after a while, the bone supporting the gum beneath conventional dentures will shrink due to lack of use. The pressure of chewing, particularly if opposed by natural teeth will accelerate bone shrinkage through resorption.

In our opinion, this makes the argument for implant-supported complete arch bridge, with the renewed comfort and confidence they bring, more compelling than ever.

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