Multiple Missing Teeth

Permanently-fixed, implant-supported bridge

Poorly fitting partial dentures or a failing tooth-supported bridge can lead to embarrassment and discomfort.

It could be that food is getting stuck under your dentures. Perhaps you’re unable to chew properly or eat the food you want to eat. Whatever the issue, ill-fitting or failed dental supports can be hugely problematic.

Our permanently fixed, the implant-supported bridge looks and functions just like natural teeth. With no need for removal or cleaning, there’s no risk of damaging adjacent healthy teeth. This solution also prevents shrinkage of the underlying bone and should last a lifetime with good oral hygiene and professional maintenance.

Alternative routes

For the best chance of restoring stability, comfort and confidence, the permanently fixed, implant-supported bridge is generally the best course of action. But there are alternative routes you can explore

Replacement tooth-supported bridge

  • Only possible if supporting teeth on either side can still be used
  • Maintains chewing stress on supporting teeth, reducing their useful life
  • Should only be a temporary measure if supporting teeth are failing
  • Puts even more stress on the supporting teeth at either
  • May not be an option if the gap is at the back of the mouth
  • May need replacing from time to time
  • Bone beneath bridge can shrink due to lack of use, leaving a gap
  • Can lead to supporting teeth fracturing, loosening, becoming decayed or dying off.

Partial dentures

  • Can become loose and uncomfortable, with food getting trapped underneath
  • Can cause the bone and gum beneath the denture to shrink
  • Securing clips can damage surrounding teeth
  • Can lead to increased decay and gum disease in remaining teeth.


You could also leave a gap. But gaps can be unsightly and often affect eating, speech and confidence. What’s more, over time the bone and gum will shrink, while the positions of adjacent and opposing teeth can shift, causing a whole host of other problems.

Treatment Photographs – Short Span Implant Bridge

Short Span Implant Bridge 1

Short Span Implant Bridge 2

Short Span Implant Bridge 3

Short Span Implant Bridge 4

Short Span Implant Bridge 5

Short Span Implant Bridge 6

Short Span Implant Bridge 7

Short Span Implant Bridge 8

Short Span Implant Bridge 9

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